PurdueBorrow Is Here!

Purdue Fort Wayne faculty, staff, and students are now able to search for and easily request materials from all Purdue Libraries, including those at Purdue West Lafayette and Purdue Northwest, with the new PurdueBorrow system, available through the library’s catalog.

You will need to start by signing into your account with your PFW credentials.

Then check to make sure the search scope (found in the drop-down list to the right of the search box) is set to “PurdueBorrow and Everything.” This will allow you to see the materials available at PFW’s Helmke Library as well as the other Purdue libraries.

Once you get the results for your search, check below the titles to see if the material is available online or at the PFW library, or if you need to request the item. Items not available online or in the PFW library will have a link to “Check request options.”

After clicking on the request options link, you will see a link to request the item through Document Delivery (for items not available in any Purdue libraries) and/or information to “Get it from Other Purdue Libraries” with links to request the item from Purdue West Lafayette or Purdue Northwest. After clicking on the green link to “Check request options,” you will see additional information about the availability in other Purdue libraries of the item and, if the item is loanable and available, a “Request Hold” link to request the item.

You will then be given an option to select the Pickup Campus (the default is set to PFW) and indicate a “not needed after” date if you have a time-sensitive request.

You will receive an email when your item arrives, and you can check it out at the Service Desk on the first floor of the library. You can track your checked out and requested materials on the “My Library Card” dashboard, where you will options to select the different Purdue libraries to see all of your loans, requests, and fees. You can also renew your materials from this dashboard. You may return PurdueBorrow materials at any Purdue library.


What are your thoughts?

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