Higher Gaming’s Game-O-Ween

The Higher Gaming program hosted its first event, Game-O-Ween, on Wednesday evening. The Higher Gaming program focuses on both the educational value and stress relief that board games, role playing games, and video games can provide to the students of Purdue Fort Wayne.

Game-O-Ween, the first event in the Higher Gaming pilot program, was mostly focused on board and card games, as these are the most approachable. Students had the option of choosing a game to check out and take home, playing a game in the library, or even joining a guided game of Werewolf, with Jacob Slone, co-founder of the Higher Gaming program. The participation was higher than expected for a first event, which demonstrates students’ interest in the opportunity to play games in the library.

Future events will follow in the Spring semester, so make sure to check back for more information as it develops. We are hoping to create future partnerships across campus as well, so if you know a way to help make this happen, please feel free to contact Bonnie Hauser (millbr02@pfw.edu) or Jacob Slone at Helmke Library for more information.



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