Meet Sue Skekloff

This is the sixth part in a series that will help you get to know your Helmke librarians. View previous posts in this series here. Do you have a question for us? Visit our Ask-A-Librarian page and be in touch!

Which departments do you work with on campus?

Psychology, Organizational Leadership, Sociology, Women’s Studies, and English

What are your other major duties?

Training Coordinator, Writing Program Liaison, and joining library resources with new courses and programs as a member of the Curriculum Review Committee.

What parts of being a librarian do you enjoy the most?

Great detective work! I love students and the academic setting.

What are some of your research interests?

I research library instruction and I’m working on documenting the life of an early Fort Wayne surgeon. I’m interested in both biography and genealogy.

Is there any resource that you particularly love? Why?

I love PsycINFO! It’s a great resource, consistently indexed,  and has great history behind it–its structure actually reflects the discipline of psychology!

What do you like most about libraries in general?

Free books!


Sue’s cat, Abigail.

Do you have any hobbies?

Observing, reading, and watching anything about wild or domestic animals. I also hike, do some birding, and have volunteered in several therapeutic riding programs.

Any fun travel stories you’d like to share?

I love Yellowstone – I once took a picture of a grizzly at way too close of a range! I visited Chaco Canyon, too. The history of the place is fascinating and I narrowly escaped a flood on the way out.

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