Meet Denise Buhr

This is the fifth part in a series that will help you get to know your Helmke librarians. View previous posts in this series here. Do you have a question for us? Visit our Ask-A-Librarian page and be in touch!

DeniseWhich departments do you work with on campus?

Communication and Journalism, Fine Arts, Music, Theatre, and Visual Communication and Design

What are your other major duties?

ARCHIVES!; Military Science, and Military Student Services; Children’s Literature

What parts of being a librarian do you enjoy the most?

I learn new things all the time, from the questions students ask, from book reviews, from higher ed blogs and newsletters. There’s always something I didn’t know about before and now I do. Sometimes it makes me want to know more and I work at a place where I can find out what I don’t know.

What are some of your research interests?

I don’t have “research” interests in the usual sense but I do have creative research areas for new plays, currently the Civil War and how people in Indiana responded; and one set in the Vietnam era. (Not that I’m a war-minded person usually but I am a veteran so maybe that isn’t so weird.)

What are some of your favorite books? Is there one you particularly recommend for students?

Almost anything by Agatha Christie. Yes, I have read EVERYTHING (more than once) but she’s my go-to for relaxation.

Is there any resource that you particularly love? Why?

Academic Search Premier is my favorite starting point because it covers almost anything and I’m often looking for almost anything. I also love the Historical New York Times. I do a lot of historical research for my plays and it’s the best for point-in-time information.

Do you have any hobbies?

Baking and baking and baking! And I love sharing what I bake with others.  That’s really why I do it.

Any fun travel stories you’d like to share?

I went to Oberammergau, Germany for the Passion Play in 1990. And to England in 2002.  I felt like I was in a Christie novel.  Besides seeing all the sights in London, we went to Oxford and Cambridge, saw “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” in Stratford, another play on the West End, ate at the Cheshire Cheese (which is mentioned in a Christie book), and drank sherry at a village pub.

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