Purdue Transition Information

As many of you are already aware, due to the pending realignment, the Helmke Library will be transitioning from the Indiana University library system to the Purdue University library system. I wanted to take this time to share updated information and assure you that we are making every effort to maintain access to both Purdue and Indiana library resources.

At some point in the near future, our borrowed materials from Indiana University will move from intercampus to interlibrary loans as we will no longer be on the IUCAT system; however, we will still have access to IU resources, as they will have access to ours, via Interlibrary Loans.

The new online catalog will be ready to go by late spring 2018. We strongly encourage faculty to start familiarizing themselves with Purdue’s library catalog and also suggest faculty learn to use WorldCat as a comprehensive catalog. There are titles that Purdue West Lafayette won’t have that we will need to purchase and WorldCat can help us find those titles. We will host tutorials and workshops during the coming fall semester to assist in educating people on both the new catalog system and WorldCat.

For the future, e-resources – including journal databases – are currently being negotiated. We are working to ensure there is very little, if any, disruption to access and at the conclusion of these negotiations, we will have the same access as the main campus in West Lafayette. When the catalog goes live in January 2018, our faculty will be able to borrow any Purdue University book with the same rights and privileges as the faculty members on the main campus, allowing you to order directly and have the materials shipped to our campus library.

Key points to remember during the transition:

  • There will be no loss of access to resources.  Both Purdue and Indiana have been working with our campus to help find the best ways to accommodate our needs.
  • We are pro-actively buying books and ordering the titles our faculty currently have on loan from Indiana University for the Purdue Fort Wayne library. When they arrive, our faculty will be notified and we can exchange the Indiana University books for the Purdue Fort Wayne books.
  • Books that are being requested via interlibrary loan will be considered a high priority for purchase.

I thank you all for your patience during this time and if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me or any member of the library staff. We are here to serve as a resource to you and are more than willing to answer any questions you may have.

Alexis Macklin
Dean, Ph.D., Helmke Library


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